2019 – Almost Over – Help us Out

2019 is coming to an end and what a year it’s been. I’m sure everyone has had their ups and downs and we are really appreciative of everyone’s support.

Our website is slowly growing, we are still working on our SEO and it’s slowly happening but it is a work in progress. Our interview blogs have been a great hit and we are loving the responses we have been getting in regards to them which is exciting and come 2020 we will hopefully do a lot more.

Now, leading up to the end of the year we would really like to be able to help providers out a lot more and we would love some support from our followers. We are asking that if we can get 60 people each donate/sponsor $5 via Beem IT or via internet banking (BSB – 014527 ACC – 473763868 Name – SW Oz Promo) Now you may be asking what will be done with the donations we get from this. If we can get 60 of our supporters to each donate $5 with this we will have enough to send 20 providers $15 each. Now with this $15 our providers will be able to get a premium listing on locanto. Because the festive season can be difficult for many both mentally and financially its something we really want to be able to provide for sex workers in our community.

As this website is run and completely funded by 2 sex worker (one semi-retired) our funds are limited so this support will really help us to be able to help out sex workers who may be doing it a little tough. And we figure that if 60 of our followers can each help with $5 each you will be helping out a range of workers who might for whatever reason be doing it a little tough.

So if you can afford to help us out with $5 each our Beem IT username is @SWPromos or via internet banking (BSB – 014527 ACC – 473763868 Name – SW Oz Promo) it would be greatly appreciated and I am very sure that the sex workers who this will support will appreciate it immensely. Many of the providers this will help are currently listed on our website, and if they arent, they will be listed on this site when they have their Locanto Ad paid for.

We appreciate the support and would love it if we can all show a little love and kindness. If you are unable to help with a $5 donation, please retweet this post on twitter for us as that will be appreciated as well.

Make sure to also check out our interview blogs, which providers are listed on our site and hopefully you find it useful when finding the right provider for you.

We also invite any of our Sex Worker followers to submit a guest blog introducing themselves and their services as well as how best to get in touch to make a booking and include their website or advertising for us to put on our blog and promote on twitter. Email it to sexworkozpromo@yahoo.com

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