Cracker & Backpage Shutdown

With the close of backpage and cracker as an advertising platform due to all that is happening in the US, we would like to be able to give everyone in Australia who uses these platform a place to advertise, even though our site is only relatively new and only up and coming, we are happy to put the links to your websites, advertising of what ever kind you use if you dont have a website and put the links up on our site as a way to advertise for free.

We have never charged to have your website listed, but we are now making it available to have the link to any of your ads you have online whether its locanto, on an escort directory, naughty ads, iselect or any other way you advertise online and have the link available on our site.

We also are happy to put the links to any porn content sites you have if you want them linked up as well. We are happy to retweet anything you post on twitter as advertising and we will continue to try our best to promote you as much as possible. Its the least we can do to help out those especially affected by the close of cracker and backpage.

We have a list of a number of different places you can advertise on and we are happy to research any other platforms available to advertise on and list them for people to get access to and advertise on. So if you know of any places to advertise on you think we should add to the list we have on our site please let me know and i will link them up.

We invite all people who are listed on our site to get in contact if they wish to write up a blog promoting themselves, and if you want to participate in one of the interview blogs we post please let us know of your interest and we will draw up some interview questions for you to answer and do up the blog and promote it online and include all your links to various forms of advertising.

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