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So, we thought it might be a good idea to have a chat about the various different payment options out there that are both sex work friendly as well as discreet for clients.

We know that many prefer to pay cash up front for their time with a sex worker, but we would like to share ways payments can be made for services to help everyone out, and can be great for discretion purposes as well.

  • Cardless Cash – a couple of the large banks have a cardless cash option within internet banking. This is a discreet and instant option for clients to be able to make a deposit when seeing their preferred provider. We know that the Commonwealth Bank and Westpac Bank have this available. So if your provider would like a deposit this is a good option for you to make use of thats discreet.


  • Smart ATM – A number of Banks now have Smart ATMs available. If your provider tells you that they want a deposit via Smart ATM, then please make use of the ATM rather then going into the bank and going to the counter as there may be a good reason for them wanting to do it this way. It is actually quicker and easier then going to the counter as its generally available 24/7. So dont have to worry about banking hours and its instant. Basically when you go to the ATM There is an option on the screen to deposit without a card and then you just input the bsb and account number your provider gives you then put the money in the deposit slot and there we go done, and instant.


  • Beem It Beem It is an app that you can download onto your phone and do an instant transfer into your providers account. Its supported by the big banks such as NAB & Westpac. Its secure and discreet and shows up as Beem it on your bank statement so its completely discreet as a form of payment, Its also a great option if you wish to extend your visit and dont have the cash with you to be able to do so. ( http://download.beemit.com.au/44PKJG )



  • Qantas Cash (Pre Paid Mastercard + Attached to frequent flyers account) – So some providers have a Qantas Cash Mastercard – You can make a payment onto this card in 3 different ways – Bpay, Internet bank transfer, or if you have a Visa/Mastercard Debit card you can do an instant load onto the card over the phone with your provider and it comes up on your statement as Qantas. Providers can transfer the money off their card into their own bank account as well. So check with your provider if this is something they have available to make deposits on. ( http://qantasmoney.com )


  • Velocity Global Wallet – (Pre Paid Mastercard + Attached to virgin blue frequent flyers) – You can accept payments by internet banking or Bpay onto your Velocity Global Wallet Card. It is discreet and you can make purchases and withdrawals from the card, So this is a great option for payments as well. ( http://www.velocityglobalwallet.com )


Do you have other payment options you have available and would like to share with clients and other providers as good options to accept payments or deposits please add to the comments on this post. We would love to hear how you like to accept payments for deposits or bookings.

Providers – There are a couple of banks who allow business accounts for sex workers who also allow merchant / eftpos services for those business accounts. If you would like information on how to set these up or which banks to go to about getting these services please email us at sexworkozpromo@yahoo.com as we have some details on this that we would be happy to share with you.

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