Interview with Alexander Kilian – Perth Male Escort for Women

Let us introduce to you Alexander Kilian. He is a male escort based in Perth. He tours around Australia and Internationally and offers a genuine and enjoyable experience. We would love to help you get to know him better so feel free to read through our interview with him and he would love to hear from you soon.

1. So you say that you are well travelled, where are some of the places you have enjoyed visiting?

Some of my favourite places to visit have been Cambodia, Laos and Iceland. I have loved exploring around Australia and this is the country i currently call home. I have traveled extensively and have been to over 30 different countries, and at one point i lived in New Zealand for 6 years.

2. How would you best describe an experience with you?

I like to make the experience all about my client and make sure that when we are together she feels like a queen. I want her to really enjoy herself and feel amazing while we are together. When the opportunity arises one thing i love doing to make my clients feel special is to cook something delicious for her.

3. When you have free time, what kind of things do you enjoy to do? 

When i have free time i love to be outside whether its at the beach, in the park or experiencing the wildlife. I have a special interest in Crocodiles and Snakes.

4. Do you like to tour? Are there places you love to visit or would love to visit in the future?

I love to tour around Australia and Internationally. I enjoy offering a fly me to you package to come visit and spend time with a special client when the opportunity arises. Somewhere i would love to visit is Coast Rica or French Polynesia. I really enjoy visiting tropical destinations as i enjoy the heat when in these locations.

5. You say you love fine dining and cooking, do you have any dishes you would consider your speciality? And do you have a favourite restaurant you like to eat out at? 

I would say that my signature dish would be a 5kg Goose with handmade German Pasta Dumplings.

I love seafood and like to be flexible and creative in my cooking and do my best to cook anything i make to perfection.

Nobu is one of my favourite fine dining restaurants and would love to take a special lady with me to enjoy the experience together.

6. You mention having tattoos, do they have any special meaning to you? 

All my tattoos have personal meaning to me and i would be very happy to share those with my clients when we spend quality time together. I have a few Chinese and Australian Tattoos.

7. Do you have a signature fragrance you wear regularly? 

yes it’s Moonlight in Heaven.

8. What are some of your favourite topics of conversation youre passionate about? 

I like to talk about fashion art and lingerie but generally any topic I’m comfortable talking about it conversation never gets boring with me I’m a Gemini .

Some things i love to talk about are Fashion, Art and lingerie. But i am comfortable with talking about a range of different topics and i like to make sure the conversation is never boring. I am a Gemini.

9. What are your passions in life? 

My passions in life are travelling the world, Experiencing fine food, having great conversations and exploring new places. I love Snakes and the Harley Davidson as well as big SUVs.

10. And lastly, is there anything you would love to share about yourself that you want people to know about you?

I’m a old fashioned gentlemen who is  polite and respectful. I love meeting new people. I’m a Gemini so conversation never gets boring. I have long eye lashes and soft skin brown eyes, these are my best features i like to think and i hope you like them too.



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