Interview with Annie – Melbourne Based Sensual Healer

Meet Annie, She agreed to do a short interview with us. Let us tell you a bit about her. Annie is based in Melbourne, Victoria She offers a range of sensual & healing services that help  connect yourself both sexually and in a nurturing manner. She focuses on Reiki, Kundalini, Massage, Tantric energy and cuddle therapy. Lets get to know her a bit better and then check out her twitter and website to find out more and maybe even spend some quality time enjoying what she has to offer.


1. What drew you to provide the type of sensual healing services you choose to provide?

I love the feeling of being with one with myself. To feel every senses in me is something powerful. Taste sound sight feel. All the modalities I have learned over 20+ yrs has given me this and a heightened intuition and empathy for others. I started with Reiki when i was nursing my Mum thru cancer and it grew from there.


2. When people come to have a session with you, what do you hope they experience? And what do you hope they gain from a session with you?

I hope they firstly feel relaxed and safe. That’s important considering most haven’t seen an escort and are nervous. That their minds are blown away with a new experience of sensuality and sexuality and have felt a sense of pure love given.


3. How would you describe your personality?

Soothing, calm, cheeky, fun. Passionate and have been told i have a great energy and a heart of gold.


4. Out of all the services you provide, is there types of sessions you absolutely love doing?

Gosh.  I love everything i offer. I put a lot of time and thought into how i conduct and run my sessions. What i do in each one. So i don’t have just one. I only offer what i am passionate about cause if you aren’t the other person will know.


5. When you aren’t working, what kind of things do you enjoy doing?

Well i do make myself available everyday of the week but i love movies or music.  Meditation to recentre myself. Markets. And love cooking especially for others. Or to sit with my feet in beach sand


6. Do you ever tour or do you prefer Fly Me to you type travel?

I haven’t toured yet I’m a wee bit nervous to be honest about that. Even though i am adventurous i like the stability of being in Melbourne.  Fly me to you I’ve had only a small amount of clients do this and is always nerve racking whether they’ll be there and it wont be a wasted effort.


7. What are you passionate about?

Life. Definitely Life. Its a gift that can be taken away at any given moment but I am an Aries and us Arians are extremely passionate beings with everything we infuse ourselves in.


8. If you could go anywhere in the world where do you dream of going and why?

Italy. I want to immerse myself in their countryside as a local. Their food their wine their language their culture.


9. Do you only see male clients or do you enjoy seeing women and couples as well?

I mainly only see men. I like to focus on one at a time that way i can give all of me to them. I have a small amount of women clients and have had couples though


10. Tell us something about yourself that you would love your followers to know about you

Gee ummm i am me. That girl who grew up on a cane farm in QLD raised by her grandparents mainly. Who just has those old fashioned country morals and who just adores seeing people leave my energy feeling better and loved. PS i have a major spider fear.


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