Interview with Jezabel – Cairns Based Escort

Let us introduce you to Jezabel. She is a mature lady in her 40s based in the Tropical Far North, in Cairns. Are you looking for a genuine girlfriend experince? Give Jezabel a call. She is friendly and genuine and can offer you a genuine and friendly experience.

If you would like to spend some time with Jezabel have a read through her interview and check out her website at the bottom of the blog.

1. We know you are based in Cairns, What is it about the Far North Queensland lifestyle that you like the most?

I love the climate which is almost constant all year round. I’m from New Zealand and Cairns looked like just the right place to be to get some sun and I was right! Cairns has everything! Rainforest, reef, sailing, fishing, walks, waterfalls, billabongs and exotic flora and fauna!

2. We had a read of your website and you talk about how sex work has opened a whole world of adventure, excitement and passion. How has sex work done this for you? And what does this adventure, excitement and passion look like for you?

Yes! I have the pleasure of meeting some very interesting people. It’s exciting when there is an intimate connection and trust builds to where I am invited camping, sailing, or road tripping with clients. As a Kiwi, I get to see and appreciate more of Australia when I go on these adventures and I’ve had sex in some very interesting places.

Adventure, excitement and passion starts and ends with food, always. Surprise tickets to a local show or a planned sightseeing adventure will always end up with a glass of bubbly and a night of hot, passionate sex!

3. We noticed on your website you are an author of published works, what kind of things have you had published?

Yes. I have had poetry published in anthologies, chapbooks and magazines online and in print. I like to champion sex worker rights, health and safety and law reform. Several of these academic-style articles have been included government submissions, industry magazines like RheD and published by independent media networks. I have also been in local newspapers like the Cairns Post, talking about sex work and sex worker issues. I painted a quilt square with an excerpt from one of my poems, which is on a huge quilt that went around Australia as part of the Melbourne Quilt Project in the Festival of Sex Workers in 2012.

4. How would you describe an ideal session with you? Do you prefer dinner and play? Overnights? Spending the day exploring before going to play?

An ideal encounter with me would start with a dinner or lunch reservation, to meet and greet formally, give us a chance to build rapport and sexy anticipation. I enjoy overnights and exclusivity when clients book their accommodation with me also. I offer Deluxe holiday stays with me at my apartment. We get to cook, eat and drink together at home, spend a few days sightseeing and exploring as a couple and sleep together – with all the naughty extras!

5. If a first time client wants to make a good first impression that will lead to you spending time with them, how can they go about doing this?

This is a great question. Please approach me with excellent manners and good, clear communication in writing, over the phone or in person. “Hi, my name is ——- (not Slim Shady). I read your website and I would like to book overnight with you. Are you available on the ——-? I would like to take you out to dinner to talk about getting to know each other”. I will be all yours!

6. How would you describe your personality and style to someone who hasn’t met you yet?

I am bright, intelligent, funny and also firm, directive and a bit bossy. I know what I like and my boundaries are firmly in place. I become more open after a glass or two of bubbly and I have a gregarious laugh. I am tender, loving and intuitive. I know how to help you to become relaxed and I will take control of our time together – unless you like to lead. I am adaptable.

7. If someone has never been to Cairns before and wants to know where to go to spend time while in town, would you play tour guide? And where would you recommend that people should check out while in town?

Yes! I offer sightseeing as a service. My Deluxe Holiday Stays offer exclusivity with me in my apartment where we can plan our days of adventure. I have a Toyota Prado 4WD diesel truck with long-distance tanks, so we can travel practically anywhere.

If you’re in the far north for the first time, I would show you the Great Barrier Reef (the terminal is walking distance from my apartment in the CBD), a trip to Fitzroy or Green Island, Port Douglas Yacht Club, 4 Mile Beach, Mossman Gorge, the Daintree rainforest and Cape Tribulation, including a local crocodile sighting boat tour. If we had more time, we could drive up to Kuranda, see the Barron Falls, visit Jacques Coffee plantation for lunch, head towards Atherton, stop at Peremon Pub for a beer, go to Lake Eachem for a swim before heading down the Gillies and back home. There are too many adventures, routes and places to see to mention.

8. How would you describe the type of service you offer to those who are interested in meeting you? Would you say its a Girlfriend experience or something different?

I prefer longer bookings and exclusivity. Real Girlfriend Experience that feels like it does as-if we were a couple, with all the trimmings. I am single, so I don’t mind being seen in public with you, holding hands or canoodling. I will always look after my locals too. Not everyone is a tourist. I see couples too and enjoy playing together. It helps that I am bi or pansexual. Personality does it for me and has a trick or two up my sleeve!

I don’t like rude, disrespectful timewasters (who does?). I really want to educate people on how best to approach me or another sex worker so I have a written an etiquette page on my website. I have a short fuse if I feel bad vibes from people and a low tolerance. It’s part of my screening process.

9. We know you have been in and out of the industry over the years. What is it that drew you to sex work in the first place and what has kept you coming back each time?

My marriage of 19 years was ending and I had no job or income to separate from him, so I decided to start sex working. We were swingers, so it wasn’t a very big jump into the sex industry and I’ve never looked back. I began my career in May 2006. Retired around 2014 and here I am re-entering the workforce in 2019. I have no intentions of leaving my career in the sex industry. Not for a partner, not for anyone. I like my independence, lifestyle, friendships, clients and my contribution to society in every way.

10. Lastly is there anything you would love for people to know about you? What is something you would love to share with us?
Ok. I am a very genuine woman. What you see, is what you get. I love to feel cherished, adored, respected and loved. I have maintained some very long client relationships because I enjoy being a sex worker and being with the type of clients who I can open up to.
I have a foot fetish and a rather odd plucking fetish. I like to be plucked with tweezers, everywhere. It puts me in a kind of deeply relaxed trance and if you are plucking my pubic hairs, a funny thing happens… lol.


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  1. I’ve known this lady for over 10 years .
    I endorse 100% all she says in the interview.
    I’m pleased and honoured to know her and count her now as a lifelong friend.

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