Interview with Luna Black – Melbourne Based Companion

Let us introduce you to Luna. Your Melbourne based companion. If you are looking for a warm and friendly companion to spend time with, Luna is the woman for you, She is genuine and engaging, someone who can truly cater to your desires. Read her interview below and check out her ad at the bottom of this interview if you want to spend more time with her.


1. We have seen that you are located in Melbourne, What is it about living in Melbourne that you love the most? What are the kinds of things you love to get up to in this vibrant city?

I was born in Melbourne and out of the places I have got to experience, Melbourne has always been special. You will mostly find me around the inner suburbs, where the city meets the burbs. I will most likely be drinking coffee/smoothies and spending too much on plants while trying to get shop owners to let me bring my dog in. If you can get me out at night, I will be catching a band.



2. When it comes to the type of sessions you offer, how would you describe the type of sessions you offer? How would you describe your personality and style when it comes to the type of companion you are for those who may be interested in seeing you?

It really depends on the individual I am with, it would be hard to narrow it down to this or that. I guess you could say they are very genuine. They are always a safe space, whether it is some TLC or something a little naughty. My personality is friendly, caring and I like to think that I am funny but that may be debatable.



3. We saw on your twitter a mention of wanting a cast of your Vulva done, what is it about having this done that really sparks your interest? Have you been considering it for a long time?

I saw a documentary “100 Vaginas” (correction; should be vulva). It was about how unhappy people were with their vulva’s. I had friends who felt the same. It made me sad that anyone would feel that way about something so amazing. I have been lucky to love mine, even though it hasn’t always made things easy. I have wanted a cast of it for a few years now, to put on the mantle and then gift to all my friends.



4. So you have had your first official photoshoot done, DId you enjoy the experience? Have you seen the photos yet? Who did you do your photoshoot with?

I did my first shoot with Silk Lab Photography (@silklabphoto) and it was a great experience. I couldn’t recommend her enough. I have seen the photo’s and picked some out. So watch this space.



5. How long have you been a sex worker? What is it that made this a job you wanted to do? Is it something you plan on doing for a while? Has it been what you expected it to be?

I am not sure of the timeline on this one. It started this year, with a different variation of experiences. I have been full service for at least 6 months and I love it. I never thought I would find myself taking this on as career but I want to do it for as long as I can.



6. If a gentlemen caller wanted to book you for an extended date where there are activities involved outside of the bedroom, what kind of things would you love for him to organise for you to do together? Are you a dinner and playtime kind of girl or would you love to do something a bit different from the norm?

I love food and you could never go wrong with food, so a nice dinner is always safe. A trip to the NGV would be a treat. And if I was to be a little more lush, a massage together would turn me into a puddle.



7. If a client wanted to bring something along for you to both enjoy together, what kind of things would you recommend for them to bring along?

Chocolate. Different varieties of chocolate. Have I mentioned I love food? Toys are always welcome, just run them past me first. I also love trying things that my clients love. So if they have a hobby, or collect things, I would love to share in that with them.



8. When you aren’t working what kind of interests and passions can we find you getting up to?

My dog Lola is my world. So I am usually trying to find things to do with her and my friends. We are usually grabbing brunch or going for adventures. I also enjoy reading, although very slow at it. My biggest passion right now is working on my business and setting career goals.



9. If someone wants to spend time with you, how can they make a really good first impression, that will lead to you both spending time together?

Read my full ad. And send an enquiry with the information requested. And above all else, be kind and have manners.



10. Lastly, We would love to get to know you better, what kind of things would you like to share with us to help us get to know you?

I love rock and roll (the kind my parents grew up with). I am most comfortable at home or at a dive bar (another thing Melbourne does well). I love making fun of myself and don’t take myself too seriously. And I am a very chill person to be around, I don’t need a lot.


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