Interview with Miss Lacey – Sunshine Coast Based Escort & Fetishist

Let us introduce you to Miss Lacey. She is a Sunshine Coast based escort and Dominatrix. She offers a range of different things, so if you’re looking to explore and try something different, I am sure Miss Lacey would love to see you. She describes herself as Quirky, Confident and Honest. Find out more about her below, and if you would like to see her, her details are at the bottom of the interview.


1. We know you offer a range of Kink sessions, Can you tell us about what kind of Kink Sessions you offer. Do you offer other kinds of sessions as well?
Kink-wise, as long as it’s non-invasive to me, legal and ethical, I’ll do anything. I tried to shit in a man’s mouth once, but I couldn’t get it to happen, and we ended up putting a few pieces of cooked gnocchi in my bum instead and I ‘pooped’ it back out into his mouth for a Human Toilet fetish. I’ve been a mother for an Adult Baby; washing, diapering and breastfeeding a forty-year-old man. Anything from golden shower or spanking to shoving a metal rod down their urethras or drawing blood. I just want to dive into people’s secret fantasy world’s with them, play with them there and meet their needs. I also do regular full-service, dirty-massage-style sessions and dinner-dates.



2. We saw a tweet about offering Skype Sessions. Are these the only online sessions you offer? Or do you have other online content as well?
I almost do no online work, I have thought about cam work for years, because it would remove the health and safety risk of sex work, but I’m so lazy and I think it would be pretty time consuming, plus I’m not keen on having to purchase equipment and go through a company instead of being independent and getting 100% of my profits. I guess I sell fetish videos, but I only just started a few weeks ago when my ex asked to buy a video of me pissing and I realised I could make money from it. I’ve sold it a few times more since then, so I guess I sell fetish porn now? I mostly just have Twitter so nobody gets to have a legitimate reason to ask me for recent photos, so it’s probably underutilized as a virtual space for my work.



3. So you’re based on the Sunshine Coast. What is it you love about living on the Coast? When you arent working where can we find you enjoying your spare time?
The Sunshine Coast is beautiful, but when I’m not busy I’m usually at the gym, or in my pyjamas with my cat. I love hiking the mountains and snorkelling and fishing, but I have trouble meeting people and trusting them, because of my work, so I’m pretty socially isolated. If I had someone to play with I would buy a small boat, and learn to free-dive. But nstead I usually spend a lot of time collecting fresh local produce and cooking delicious food, which is also amazing.



4. How would you describe your style and personality to those who have never spent time with you?
I really don’t know how to describe my personality… I’m a pretty intense person, but also I feel like a boring person most of the time. I feel like my life is a million fuck-ups and bad decisions patched together to work together in perfect harmony and somehow it’s working for me and I’m grateful for it. I’m quirky, confident and honest, I love to entertain people by shocking them with stories, and I always think the Universe is speaking to me.



5. What is it about Fetish and Domination that you enjoy? What got you interested in these?
I didn’t really choose sex work, it chose me. I tried to sell my underwear online and suddenly people wanted me to piss in their mouths, plunge 18-inch dildos down their throats and fuck them in the arse. At first, I thought I would like it because of having angry emotions towards men, but I found out that I don’t hate the men who want to pay me to degrade them. I love them and I want to protect them by offering them a safe, healthy, legal, discreet respectful service and experience that is real and genuine and created in that moment for the first time with them. When I started I was really poor and I needed the money and couldn’t say no, now I find that if I don’t work for longer than two weeks I start to feel disconnected and I need the intense human interaction to feel that I am real and alive.



6. Do you go on tour away from the Sunshine Coast? Where do you like to tour ? Do you have favourite places you like to go to and why?
I don’t tour much lately, but I make trips to Toowoomba occasionally which I love, I have met so many great respectful clients there. I occasionally travel to Perth for work which is great because of all the people and, let’s face it, the mining money. I occasionally visit Townsville, which is where sex work first came into my life and changed it forever, and it probably my favourite place despite the number of people who drip sweat on you during a booking.



7. If someone wanted to spend time with you, how can someone make a good impression to spend time with you?
To be a favourable client, people only need to be respectful and direct with their booking. Time wasters are a huge problem for sex workers, so anybody who wants to talk, wants me to tell them about myself, wants to discuss things at length or wants photos is annoying to me. I try to keep things short when people contact me, I’m pretty sure I come across as overly businesslike, but I figure if they are gonna be demanding or push boundaries, I might as well provoke them to do it now rather than during the booking. Also, I like to be addressed as Miss Lacey in written correspondence.



8. We saw on your profile you mention Dirty Stories. Do you write these to individual tastes or do you have a place online where people can find your stories?
With the dirty stories, I just make them up on the spot for the person during a phone call. To be honest, I don’t even watch porn, and I’ve never read dirty stories anywhere else, so I have no idea what mine are like compared to what people are expecting. People enjoy them and they always cum before the ten minutes are up, so I guess they aren’t too bad.



9. Have you been trained professionally as a Dominatrix? Or have you developed your skills over time?
I’ve never trained, and I haven’t even researched it at all, and I’ve been doing it for four years. My clients can tell me what they want, and I just go from there. I just ask them to describe their ideal session, and I work backwards from there to what I’m comfortable with or have the equipment to do, and sometimes they will teach me on the job. A client taught me how to cane, and I love it so much, I also did my first urethral-sounding on him. Most things seem pretty strait-forward, so I just improvise and learn in the moment. Intuitive domination I guess.



10. Lastly, what is something you would really like people to know about you?
I would really like people to know that sex workers are humans, we are loved, we deserve respect, safety and inclusion just like anybody else. We aren’t criminals, we aren’t dirty and we aren’t immoral. We just want to be compensated for the love we love to give, and our clients aren’t rapists and perverts, they are some of the few people in this society willing to recognise a woman’s choice to consent to be used for sex, agree to boundaries and compensated fairly, and they also deserve dignity and respect.


To get in touch or find out more about Miss Lacey – Check out her TWITTER

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