Interview with Mistress Jadis – Sydney Based ProDomme

Let us introduce you to Mistress Jadis. She is a Mistress based out of Sydney. Mistress Jadis is someone who will create an experience for you that will be like entering another world. She likes to create a true D/s Connection with those who seek her out. Want to find out more? Read her insightful interview below and her website and twitter have been linked below for you.

1. As a ProDomme, what are some of the things people seek you out for the most? Do you have a favourite session that you would love to do more of?

I borrowed my chosen name from a character in the children’s fantasy novel “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”. The novel starts with the main characters finding their way into another world through the door of an old wardrobe.

The experience I like to create for myself and my clients is a bit like that wardrobe. You walk through the door of the dungeon into another world. In many ways professional boundaries protect and nurture that special dungeon world and keep it safe from mundanity.

With that in mind a lot of my clients are not seeking to check off a list of activities when they visit me. They want to experience an authentic D/s connection within boundaries that work with the rest of their lives.

A lot of my loyal slaves are really invested in pleasing me and indulging my interests. I tend to be pretty spoiled with how often I get to enjoy my favourite activities. I love caning, singletail, strapon, piercing, bondage, mummification and really weird, nerdy role plays; but it’s not really about the activities.

The best sessions are the ones where I’m able to take someone on a journey, exercise my creativity, explore, elaborate and laugh. It really is all about the energy and my devotees tend to bring me really beautiful enthusiasm, vulnerability, devotion and bravery.


2. Were you trained at one of the professional establishments? What is it that drew you to the professional realm of being a ProDomme? 

I could not have been luckier with my apprenticeship. It really was a case of meeting the right person at the right time.

I’ve always been kinky and had wanted to be a Domme from my early teens. I worked very briefly as a ProDomme in a house environment and very quickly concluded it wasn’t for me. I put the idea of professional BDSM away and focused on my corporate career, while playing a little out in the kink scene.

I was friends with Mistress Servalan on livejournal and read with interest she was looking for a voyeur for a cbt session. I couldn’t resist putting my hand up and we had SO much fun. After the session she floated the idea of me becoming her apprentice. It was clear that she was (and is) a person of integrity who approached her kink career with both skill and professionalism. I was keen to learn from her!

After the first 12 months of my apprenticeship it was very apparent to me that the right path was to resign from my corporate job and pursue a full time career in the kink world. My apprenticeship was hard work but I not only gained an amazing skillset but an amazing mentor and a dear friend in the process.

12 years later I still love working as a Dominatrix. Working for myself suits me very well and I’m paid to share amazing experiences with people, have fun, be creative and indulge my passions.


3. If someone is new to BDSM but has always wanted to explore it, If they get in touch with you, how do you go about helping them to explore and discover what their Kinks and Fetishes are?

My most popular and widely circulated blog post is about what to expect from your first session. You can find it here and I recommend it frequently as a resource for newbies.

I like new subs who approach me to have an idea of the kinks and feelings they would like to explore before getting in touch. This allows me to check that they understand what I’m offering and that our interests are going to be compatible. It also shows me that they have a useful starting point for discussing the specifics of their desires.

Things often change after people start playing. Activities that were super hot in their heads sometimes feel quite different when bought to life. Things that were just tangential inclusions suddenly become their incredibly hot, fascinating new focus. That’s all part of the fun of bringing your kink into the real world.

I keep communication really open and often a little more casual with new subs. There’s always a safeword in place for these types of sessions. I find it’s better to leave a new sub excited and wanting a little more from their next session in preference to overwhelming them, although sometimes it’s very apparently that things are coming together very quickly for them and they’re able to play quite hard, quite quickly.

Everyone is different and processes things at a different rate. In a way sessions with new subs are very similar to sessions with experienced subs. I’m always paying close attention and if things are not working I’m able to think on my feet and take things in a more satisfying direction.

I always warn first time “flyers” about sub drop. I also leave a of extra time around sessions with first timers for discussion and they are welcome (as all my subs are) to debrief with me via email if there’s any feelings or reactions that have come up that they need to discuss.


4. We know you’re based in Sydney. Do you have your own space set up to see people in? Do you prefer clients outside of Sydney to fly in to see you or do you prefer to be flown to them? 

I’ve lived in Sydney my entire life and I’m just about to move away, to country NSW.

My loyal devotees need not worry, I really do not like the idea of missing out on my kink play so I’ll be touring back to Sydney on a very regular schedule. I will still be accepting applications from new slaves, but on a very selective basis.

I conduct my sessions from Mistress Servalan’s beautiful Carisbrook dungeon. It’s a huge open plan space, filled with the most amazing collection of dungeon furniture and toys. Dominance isn’t about toys and props but given that I have such an absolute kink wonderland to play in I prefer clients to fly to Sydney and visit me there.


5. How would you describe your personality and style in relation to being a Pro Domme?

I’m a firm believer in the power of being present and paying attention. Really listening to what people say and watching for their genuine reactions is essential to how I operate, both in the dungeon and outside.

I’m quiet but effective. You won’t find me yelling, screaming or engaging in unnecessary conflict and yet I tend to achieve the outcomes I seek. I feel that self- control is an essential quality in a good Dominant. If you’re not in control of your own emotions then you’re in no position to control others. Genuine anger has no place in my sessions. I like to keep them an emotionally safe space.

I’m talented at connecting with shy or quiet subs and helping them both communicate effectively and be present in their bodies.

A lot of subs compliment me on my laugh. They tend to hear it a lot in session. I firmly believe that we call it BDSM play because it’s meant to be fun. That’s not to say there won’t be moments where the going gets tough but overall it needs to be a positive experience that meets everyone involved’s needs.

I’m a player rather than a performer. I’ve structured my practice around activities I enjoy. I mostly see regulars and those slaves that come back time and time again do so because I am able to connect with them on a very real basis.


6. Are there any BDSM sessions or activities you would like to learn more about or participate in more? Are you constantly trying to improve your skills and learn new ones?

One of my favourite celebrity horse trainers, Warwick Schiller, often says “The more you know the more you know you don’t know”. I feel that applies as much to the kink world as it does to the horse world.

There’s so much more to learn but at this stage in my career I have a very good idea of my likes and dislikes and have had a lot of opportunity to explore my curiosities. With that said my next new kink could be just around the corner. I’m open to being happily surprised.

Rather than seeking completely new types of play my focus is more on deepening my knowledge right now. I always have done, and continue to do a lot of reading on kink. I’ve attended workshops in the past, including Urban Tantra but I also feel that at this point I have the background knowledge to enable me to reverse engineer most potential ideas, especially in collaboration with knowledgeable friends and colleagues. I’m also happy to seek out and pay other professionals who are particularly skilled in areas of interest to share their knowledge with me.

My twitter feed is a constant source of inspiration and I also like to look for new ideas outside of the kink world. I have a keen eye for pervertables when I’m at Bunnings. My subs and slaves also bring me a lot of inspiration and I particularly relish twisting the ideas they bring me into more fun for me.


7. What is it that you like best about the Professional BDSM Community? Do you work with other ProDommes or ProSubs for sessions? Is this something you would enjoy doing more of?

I have never, ever come across a more amazing and badass collection of women than I have in the ProDomme world. There are some seriously incredible women practising kink in Australia and in terms of skills we are really lucky to have the legacy of the apprenticeship programs that some of the legendary BDSM houses provided. Most days I’ll chat with at least one or two of my Domme friends to talk shop, have a laugh or just debrief.

My primary partner for double Mistress sessions is Mistress Servalan. She trained me when I was an apprentice and we’ve been working together for years so we’re able to work together in double sessions really intuitively.

I know a lot of other ladies really love double, triple and team Mistress sessions, but I find they are not where I do my best work. One of the things I love best about playing is that it allows me to really focus and form very intense one on one connections. For that reason I tend not to pursue collaborative session opportunities.


8. Outside of being a ProDomme, What are some of the things that bring joy to your world? If a client wanted to do something to spoil you what is something that would interest you?

My favourite pastime outside the dungeon is working with my three Arabian horses. I do a mix of dressage, natural horsemanship and trail/obstacle work with them. Riding is a passion but I also just love spending time with them, doing stable chores and grooming them. They’re all very beautiful horses with huge personalities.

I’m very into fine dining. I love the ritualistic nature of it and the way the chef crafts an experience for you, especially with degustations. I definitely see parallels with the session experience.

I’m a good cook myself and love making tasty meals for my loved ones. Cooking with music on and a glass of wine is always a fun experience for me.

I also love gaming, mainly open world RPGs but sometimes also the odd quirky platformer.

Horse related gift cards, especially for luxury brands like Hufglocken and The Royal Mane are always a hit with me. I read a lot, so Amazon gift cards never go to waste. I’ll never say no to a spa day and BabylikestoPony gift cards always make me smile.


9. We know you wear Latex outfits, Do you have a favourite piece that you just love wearing? Do you purchase yours from a particular seller or do you create your own pieces?

I LOVE latex. It’s more of a visual appreciation than a tactile one for me. In my early days as a ProDomme I was much more focused on buying statement pieces. Now my latex aesthetic has evolved and I have more of a capsule wardrobe concept. I buy tops and bottoms that work together in various combinations in a few of my favourite colours.

I leave the latex creation to others, I know Ms Electra Amore and Ms Tokyo are talented latex artists. My partner dabbles in leather work and we work together from time to time to produce unique pieces, mainly accessories.

My favourite overseas seller would be Libidex. I find their work to be very robust and well constructed.


10. Lastly what is something that you would love for people to know about you? Whether it’s a personal fact, how to arrange a session with you or anything in between. We would love to know more about you.

Feel very free to interact or ask questions via twitter. I’m very active there.

All the essential information about how to book with me is here on my website.

Thanks to the folks at SexworkOzPromo for asking me to do this interview. It’s been fun providing a bit of extra insight.  



Website – Mistress Jadis

Twitter – Ms Jadis

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