Interview with Mistress Kiki / Honey – Melbourne Based Pro Domme

Let us introduce you to Miss Honey Analverkehr also is known as Mistress Kiki, sex worker, Dominatrix, porn performer, indie content creator and sex educator



We were having a look through your twitter to help us to create some questions for you, and we see that you mention you are working out of Venus Babes in Melbourne. Do you enjoy working at Venus Babes? Have you always been in establishments or do you do private work as well?

I originally only did private work but like many of us when Backpage closed down my business became un-viable and I was forced into parlour work so clients could find me. That was really scary for me as I know of SO MANY brothels that are run unethically and having a BDSM background I’m fanatical about cleanliness and body fluid contamination and most brothels do not operate at a standard that is compatible with my beliefs around that.

Thankfully already being in the industry I knew lots of people who could advise me on which to avoid and which were better run. I tried another parlour 1st but the clients there weren’t interested in BBWs and then I changed to Venus Babes where I landed on my feet. I honestly haven’t heard of any other establishment that is willing to work WITH us workers and our needs as much as VB does.

I’m just starting to dip my toe back into private work now, hopefully, clients are starting to be able to find us again online and I can make a combination of both parlour and independent work long term



Would you consider yourself a fetishist, a ProDomme, or just a Kinky GFE provider with a BDSM twist? Or would you say you’re a combination of all of the above?

At this stage a combination of all of them! Lol. But I’m glad that you understand there is a difference. Kink is my passion, as a fetishist I’m far more understanding of the more extreme and niche kinks. I do the things most girls don’t! Lol. I love helping people explore their sexuality so I enjoy kinky GFE as well and even standard sensual bookings -sex and intimacy can be so healing



We have noticed you have offered Dominatrix Doubles, what do you enjoy about doing these kinds of sessions? Is there a particular Mistress you always work with or do you do doubles with a few Mistresses?

They are so much fun! You get to feed off each other’s energy and up the ante and inspire each other in the moment.
I’m a very playful person so to have that other person to bounce off brings that out even more in me.

I offer doubles with a few Mistresses but Mistress Jackie and myself coming up through our apprenticeships together we have formed a bond and work super well together -her super organised mind balances out my ditzy! And we both are laughing sadists so its a really fun vibe. Lady Devine has just started at VB and shes a Brat Domme like myself so though I haven’t done a double with her yet I’m really looking forward to one -2 Brat Dommes together would go off!



We have seen you create content, Do you only put your content on ManyVids? Are there other platforms you create content on? How long have you been creating content and do you have any favourites you have created?

I’m slowly expanding to other platforms, I’m currently on Pornhub/Modelhub as well. I’m more limited in what platforms I can be on as most of my clips include fisting or other things which many platforms don’t allow.

I’ve been creating content for about 18months now. To do porn has been a lifelong dream of mine so its amazing to be finally living my dream!! I love to challenge myself so clips of me achieving personal 1sts like my recent double vaginal fisting are some of my favourites. Or really visually beautiful artistic ones, taboo, or plain ‘weird’ lol. Its all about fun for me so the more weird or extreme it is I’m like HELLS YES!!
But also my sex education series ‘Sex and Sexuality with Honey’ access to quality sex ed is a passion of mine so that ongoing series is my precious baby



How would you describe your personality and style for those who are interested in knowing

I’m bubbly and sweet and a dag lol. I don’t like to put on fake personas (unless its role play), so you get the real ‘me’ with maybe a few of the rough edges taken off. I’m extremely down to earth but always laughing and joking. My style tends to be very sensual and caring. I love people and getting to know them.

As far as Domming goes I don’t do the stereotypical stern style much. I’m more about respect, a celebration of your kink, nurturing all those juicy bits you hide from others and singing sadism as I call it -sometimes I actually break into a song I’m enjoying inflicting plain so much. If you want a Domme that will honestly despise you and treat you like shit, I’m not the provider for you



Have you found that there are certain sessions clients seek you out more often than others? Do you have a favourite you wish you got asked to do more often?

Cock massages -and that’s a totally different thing from a handjob! People are amazed by my cock massages when I introduce them to it. I actually have a few clients that come and see me for massage when they hurt themselves rather than a masseuse I do such a good job lol.

Otherwise, Id say people seek me out for anal, especially for those with large penises, and fisting. I’m an anal and large insertion specialist

When I was private it was scat bookings -I was getting quite well known for them.
Domming its mostly people that are either new or have had bad experiences before because from following me online they realise they can TRUST me. That respect and care and acceptance of each person as who they are is at the core of what I do
Id love to do more role-play bookings. I’ve been collecting genuine vintage furniture to do religious, school and medical role plays. I love authentic pieces and the little details to create an experience you can immerse yourself in. And CBT -I always love CBT! *cue evil laugh*



You live in the amazing city of Melbourne. What do you like about living and working in this city? Do you have favourite places you like to check out and spend time at or exploring? What kind of things do you like to do with your time when you aren’t working?

I’m actually outside of Melb and have a bit of a commute when I work but its totally worth it. I love Melbs and would love to move into the city one day. It’s so vibrant and alive. I LOVE the art everywhere and finding good comfy pubs with a great steak and beer
When I’m not working I love to get to kink events or hang out with other SWrs or kinksters. That or I’m working on my own art. I’m always creating something



We saw a post you did about learning about how to create latex clothing making from Mistress Electra Amore. What kind of latex clothing would you like to create? Have you had many lessons with Mistress Electra Amore? Would you say that latex is something you enjoy wearing as well as creating?

So many ideas of what Id like to create and so little time! Lol. A kitty maids outfit for when I kitty at burlesque shows, maybe some latex pieces for a range I’m putting together for a fashion show next year but mainly stuff to fit myself. As a BBW its a real struggle to find sexy clothing that fits or isn’t the same few things every other BBW has because of all that’s available.

People don’t understand the sheer cost of clothing for BBW and that to have a good range/fashionable lingerie and kink clothing we often have to have it custom made. The cost to outfit me in the same stuff as a slim girl is often 4 times the price.
I’ve only done the 1 all-day workshop with Mistress Electra Amore but she is such a gem and has amazing knowledge, Id love to further my skills with her and would to learn so much more than just latex making from her



Where have you learnt your BDSM Skills or are they something you have explored long before going into the professional realm? Do you like to participate in workshops to build your skills? If someone is a first time client wanting to explore this, how would they make a good first impression with you to have a session with you?

I’ve been in the kink scene in my personal life about 5yrs now and ever since I joined the scene I taken every opportunity I could to sit at the feet of the most masterful people I could find and learn from them. Every workshop I could find, every brain I could pick and lots of research online. Going to lots of events, watching peoples scenes and lots of in-depth discussions with people living the BDSM lifestyle about techniques and theories and experiences.

No matter how much I think I ‘know’ on a subject I will never stop doing workshops and learning. 5 different ppl could teach the same workshop and 90% of the information will be the same, its that 10% of the difference, their lived experiences -you can never stop learning that stuff.

Then for my foray into a Pro-Domming Mistress, Charlee at VB took me on as her apprentice. I don’t think people realise how different Pro-Domming is to private play. Australia is one of the few countries in the world that has Dominatrix apprenticeships and its led to Australian Pro-Dommes being much more educated and safer providers in general. You still need to do your homework though. Apprenticeships are not overseen by a governing body so there are still dodgy providers out there.
And so many SWrs who pick up a whip and think they can ‘do it’ with no real understanding of the anatomy behind it, sexual psychology, the way the body is affected by play and that it can be for days. If you don’t know what you are doing you can cause permanent physical harm as well as psychological

If a client wants to make a good impression, check out my social media n see if you think I’m a good fit for you.
Send me a polite inquiry with the type of booking you are interested in or areas you are curious about exploring.

COMMUNICATE. I can’t stress this enough. Dommes are not mind readers and we are trying to gather the information we need for the session in a very short time. Part of being a responsible bottom is communicating with the person topping you.
I’m going to want to discuss your medical status, safewords, triggers etc so think about if there’s anything along those lines you need to tell me about

If you arent very experienced say so. Don’t pretend to be very experienced if your not. It can be dangerous and it just makes you look like a douche.
Pay a deposit. I know this can be daunting for some people but that’s part of why researching your provider is important. A deposit shows me you are a serious client, not a time waster. I am always going to prioritise a person that pays a deposit over someone who doesn’t.

And just because you’ve seen me do it in porn does not mean I will do it in a booking. They are two totally different environments and jobs.



Lastly any last comments, details you want to share with us about yourself.

I’m just a goofy girl from the bush that’s got sex and kink on the brain lol. I don’t take myself too seriously but I take my work very seriously.
I view sex and intimacy (however that looks for you) as vital for a person’s mental health and believe kink has amazing abilities for healing and self-growth
And don’t let my larikin side fool you -I could fuck you up in ugg boots and a dressing gown. I’m very physically strong from growing up working on farms and I’ve been doing medical procedures on animals since I was young, Domming is rather similar in a lot of ways -need your balls cut out? Lol


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