Interview with Mitch Larsson – Male Escort based in Melbourne

Let us introduce you to Mitch Larsson, He is a Male Escort based in Melbourne. He offers a genuine Boyfriend experience to woman. He is warm and friendly and wants to offer a service to women where they can feel free to really explore what they enjoy. He is approachable and easy to talk to. Lets find out more about this gorgeous and interesting man.


We know you are a Male Escort Based in Melbourne. How long have you been an Escort, and what brought you to the decision to become one? 

I first began escorting in 2013 in NSW but that was only for a short time as I became a stay at home dad after that. I began taking bookings again here in Melbourne in March this year. I became an escort because it gives my life meaning. My old corporate, conservative life was awful. It felt like I was constantly being repressed and judged and always competing to be something I had no interest in becoming. As an escort I get to learn about people and their lives and I am constantly challenged. It is lovely to be chosen to provide such a personal and intimate service by ladies and I put absolutely every part of my being into each booking as a result.


What kind of personal qualities do you bring to your work that you think are really important to have in order to be successful? 

Firstly, I love women. This may sound very broad, simple or whatever but it is essential in my area. I have always admired them. I find them to be so spiritual and determined and in touch with themselves and others. They all seem to possess a subtle, often hidden inner strength that is very sexy to me. Secondly, I have a strong desire to help people and to make them happy. I was on the path to become a psychologist at one point and this job feels very similar sometimes. Being an escort allows me to make women feel confident and sexy, and for my regulars, maybe even loved.

We know you cater to women. How would you describe the time spent with you? Would you say its a Boyfriend experience or do you also cater to other kinds of experiences as well?

I definitely provide a boyfriend experience. I’m a hopeless romantic and as embarrassing as it is to say, I’m pretty vanilla. I generally take control but am probably only as hardcore as 50 shades minus the whips. Each experience is different however. Some ladies like me to go very slowly and worship their bodies in a deliberate way leading (hopefully) to a cosmic, earth-shattering, orgasm whereas others want the over the shoulder, alpha male throw down experience (with aforementioned orgasm). I kind of like incorporating both. I’ve also got a growing bag of toys I like to showcase like a lady at a Tupperware party.


What do you do to keep yourself fit and healthy? What kinds of things do you do to keep yourself motivated?

I’ll be in the gym at least 5 days a week. I train one or two body parts each day and follow it up with fairly intensive cardio in order to stay lean, but also to perform well on the job. If a client is close to coming, I’d feel terrible if I had to stop because I was unfit. I also eat a very high fibre diet consisting of salads and seafood (but no other meat) and only generally carb up before the gym or before a booking. I don’t drink or smoke. I know all this sounds boring, but I have a ridiculously addictive personality so have to remain vigilant by feeding the healthy addictions only. I motivate myself by thinking about my son and my clients. I don’t want to be an unfit middle-aged dad and I want to continue this career for as long as I can by being as desirable to women as possible.


When it comes to conversation what are some of the topics you find yourself well versed in? Are there things you love to talk about or debate passionately?

I’m well versed in politics, law, science, technology and literature. This sounds like a wanker’s Tinder ad (did somebody say “entrepreneur”?), but it’s what I’ve studied so can be a good default when conversation dries up. I’ve always seemed to have a morbid fascination with murder and crime so often like talking about that. Generally, any conversation which starts getting twisted, perverted or dark pricks my ears up.


If a lady has never contacted a male escort before, how can she ensure that she gets the experience shes looking for when getting in touch with you?

It’s all about communication. Most people who contact me are super nervous so don’t really know what they are looking for specifically. Other ladies are very confident and will tell me straight away in their first message. Most need me to help them feel comfortable by acknowledging their perfectly normal sexual needs and by making the whole process less detached and taboo. I encourage them to call me to not only hear my voice but also to empower them and give them a feeling of control over the whole process. Only once we establish a rapport either on the phone or through messages do I feel it is appropriate to ask them personal questions about why they contacted me and what experience they are looking for.


What are some of your interests and passions that you like to indulge in when time allows?

Apart from the fitness stuff I live and breathe op shops. Whichever suburb I find myself in, I can always sniff them out. I’ll be on the lookout for designer labels, retro technology, bike parts, shoes and jewellery. My cupboard is littered with shit I would never wear and most things usually go back within the month. I thoroughly enjoy recounting stories of bad drivers and I am an amateur electrician. Oh and I also love sitting with and talking to my 5 beautiful chickens.


We noticed on your Scarlet Blue profile that you list that you enjoy reading, motorcycle riding and photography. What are you reading at the moment, do you enjoy viewing Photographs or do you prefer being behind the camera? Do you own a motorcycle? If you do, is it something you would incorporate into a date if the opportunity presented itself?

I’m currently reading Blood of Angels by Michael Marshall. It’s trash but good. I like both viewing and taking photographs and creating videos. I run a fairly unsuccessful photography / videography company as a day job but It’s hard to do corporate photography and testimonial videos with sex constantly on your mind. I do own a motorcycle and it’s a very comfortable, passenger friendly slow-ass Harley. I’ve taken quite a few clients (as well as some of my SW friends) for rides. I love having ladies on the back. It’s what they’re made for (the bikes, not the women).


As we know Melbourne is a multicultural city, what is it you enjoy and love about the city? Are there places you love to go and explore? Do you have favourite restaurants? If someone was coming to town for a few days and didnt know their way around, Would you be interested in being their guide while visiting and where would you take them?

I love it that Melbournians continue to support small businesses. There is an appreciation here for good food and coffee as well as for markets and community events. We don’t seem to allow big businesses and ridiculous legislation to kill our culture. Despite not drinking anymore, I also love our bars and clubs. Also, our roads are gridded so getting around is fairly easy. I love being able to park my motorbike on any footpath and I love being able to get almost anything, anytime.

The Fitzroy / Collingwood area has changed so much lately I am liking exploring around there at the moment. As far as restaurants are concerned, and this sounds uncultured, but I really like the ones at the casino / Southbank area. They seem to be consistently good and surprisingly they aren’t stupidly priced.

If I was to play tour guide for the day, I’d probably start off with breakfast in Brunswick Street, then ride to the city for coffee/shopping/brunch, then cruise along the Esplanade to St Kilda or even all the way down to Mordialloc for lunch. From there we’d go to our hotel room and get ready for dinner either in Southbank somewhere or in Lygon Street. Then head back to the hotel..



Lastly, Whats something you would love for people to know and understand about yourself?

As an escort, and despite blabbing about everything above, I’d prefer people knew as little about me as possible. That’s not an answer though so I guess I’d like people to know that I genuinely wish most people well. I am quite positive most of the time although I probably seek approval a bit too much. I like to surround myself with positive, easy going people. When I meet fellow sex workers, I feel a really special bond and I sincerely hope the feeling is mutual.


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