Interview with Nina Stone – Perth Based Companion


Let us introduce you to Nina Stone, a Perth Based companion. She is a striking and exotic woman who has a sensual and tender touch which will help you unwind while at the same time teasing you. She is someone whose company you will want more of and will have you wanting to see her more than once, read her interview below to find out more about Nina and check out her website below to arrange a meeting with her. She cant wait for your call.


1. So we noticed you are based in Perth. Have you always been based there? What is it that you love about living there?
I came to Perth to visit a friend almost 3 years ago, I liked it so much, and I never left! Perth has pretty great weather all year round and is like a big country town. The people are friendly and relaxed, and traffic is basically non-existent. What more could a girl want!



2. What would you say it is that clients seek you out for the most? Is there a particular service you offer that you get requested the most?
There isn’t a particular service I seem to get asked for more than others, which probably comes down to my clientele. Everyone I meet is seeking a different connection. In this business, the more adaptable and open-minded you are, the better.



3. If someone wanted to spend an extended time with you, What kind of things would you love to see included? Do you prefer the dinner and play type extended session? Overnights? Or would you prefer something a bit different?
I enjoy extended dates because there is no rush. I’ve been fortunate to enjoy some really fun moments just doing my job, how many people can say that? One reason why I enjoy it so much is because someone else is in charge of our plans. Probably because I enjoy spontaneity and being surprised? I’m open to trying anything new! If my client wants me to take control, I’m more than happy to, but I love it when someone else takes the reigns.



4. We saw on your Scarlet Blue Profile that some of your interests include Music, Art and History. Do you have favourite music you like to listen to? A favourite Artist and is your interest in History of a specific time in history or do you enjoy a variety of aspects of history?
I do love Music! I was fortunate to grow up with two musical parents, both can play more than one instrument, and have very different tastes in music that we listened to at home. My knowledge and love of music are eclectic-I enjoy everything about it. The way that it can motivate, calm, even inspire. The way one song can change your mood, and can instantly transport you to a memory from the past. It’s beautifully complex and interesting.
History is a passion, which spans every facet of life. The smell and feel of a used book in my hand, seeking out treasures of bygone era’s in Antique stores, and reading about WWII are just some of my involved and regular visitations to the past. I believe we can learn a lot about ourselves when we look at history.
My love of Art is like my love of Music, eclectic in that it is not pigeonholed to a particular era or style. If I had to choose one favourite painting to say is my favourite, I guess it would have to be The Kiss by Austrian Artist Gustav Klimt. I remember the first time I saw a picture of it. It made me feel like I was being swept away, and over the years, I still have that same whimsical feeling I felt years ago when I saw it for the first time. To me, it looks like how kissing someone you love feels. Overwhelming and all-consuming, elevating us and blinding us to everything but the immediacy of emotion. It is both visually chaotic, and yet inherently beautiful.



5. We also saw you like Fine Dining, if a client wanted to take you to dinner in Perth do you have favourite restaurants you enjoy dining at or is there somewhere you have always wanted to go to but haven’t had an opportunity to try out yet?
My favourite restaurant in Perth would have to be Nobu in the Crown Casino. Everything about dining there is like anything the Japanese present, quietly refined and immaculate. The table settings, the food and the service. To me, fine dining isn’t just about the meal, but your experience as a whole. Nobu covers all of these facets with grace and ease. I am yet to try newly opened Le Rebelle in Highgate but have heard rave reviews. It’s certainly on my current list of places to try…



6, How would you describe your style and personality to someone who hasn’t met you yet?
My style is elegant and refined with a slight edge to it. Think Jackie O classic Chanel suit paired with Valentino studded heels, and that’s me in a nutshell. A lady, but one with a little bit of badass on the side. My personality is warm and friendly, albeit a little cheeky and silly, but I also know how to apply myself should a more serious face need to be presented. I adore having a laugh with my clients. Laughter is a great way to break down walls if someone feels shy or nervous, and I’m definitely not shy when it comes to laughing at myself!



7. When you aren’t spending time working, what can we find Nina doing with her time? What are your interests and passions that you love to spend time doing?
I’m an active relaxer and adore going for long walks. I’m quite inquisitive and enjoy taking as much time amongst nature grounding myself as I can. Breathing in the fresh air, listening to the sounds of nature around me. It’s a great way to unwind after a long day. I also enjoy testing out new recipes on my friends, and reading books (yes real ones with pages). In saying that, giving back is also a huge passion of mine. At the moment I am looking into potential avenues that I can lend some of my spare time to assisting those within the aged care community. Socially I feel this part of our community is easily forgotten, which to me is very sad. So many people are lonely and isolated simply because they have no family close by who can spend time with them. Coming up to Xmas this divide grows ever more present, so this is something I feel I’m overdue in organizing but is something I’m motivated to organize now I’m home from touring.



8. If someone wanted to make a great first impression with you, what could they do to do that so that a meeting with you would happen?
Good manners and being polite go a very long way with me. A good first impression is all about being present in that moment and devoting your attention to the person you are meeting. I do this with everyone that I meet, and I appreciate it when I am treated with the same respect.



9. What has lead you to this point, what was the influence on your decision to become an escort? Is it something you have always been interested in doing or was there a moment where you thought, hmm this could be the thing for me?
Great question. I always knew I was different I suppose. I made the conscious decision to do this job 100% on my own. Nobody forced me into it. It seems a taboo comment, but I do this work because I choose to. I enjoy meeting new people and genuinely enjoy it. Every day is different, and I get immense satisfaction from fulfilling fantasies and making others feel special. I understand this work isn’t for everyone, but that can be said in regards to any vocation. I can’t stand numbers and feel insanely bored at the thought of what an accountant endures every day, yet some people do that job, and absolutely love it. As the saying goes, different strokes for different folks, lol.



10. Lastly, if you could share anything with us about yourself what would you love for people to know about you?
I am quite complex, so I guess there is more to me than meets the eye? I have a brand new website that just went live this past week. It covers a lot of extra details about me that there isn’t room for on my ad platforms, why not head on over and take a look to get to know me a little better?


Click here to check out Nina Stones Website

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