Interview with Peyton – Melbourne Escort

So let me introduce you to Peyton Sins, She is a curvy and gorgeous BBW Lady based in Melbourne. She has lots of personality, direct and open, lots of fun, and loves to get down and dirty whether its in the bedroom or even when she is creating porn content for you to enjoy watching. So lets get to know her better and we will show you how you can get in contact and arrange a good naughty time with her whether your in Melbourne or one of the places she tours.


1. So we know that you offer a range of escort and fetish session. But we have noticed you also have porn clips you make, how long have you been doing those for? Do you have a favourite type to make? And if people wanted to view them how would they go about that?

I don’t have a particular favorite as I am still just getting into the world of creating my own videos. I’m definitely bored my current content and want to explore more outrageous content. They can check out my ManyVids store or my OnlyFans (extended previews only).


2. Do you have a favourite fragrance you like to wear?

I generally avoid intense scents during bookings. I use crystal deodorant which is completely unscented. I do use some essential oils to make me smell good.


3. We know that you have been touring country New South Wales, do you plan to make this a regular thing?

I plan on touring country New South Wales regularly as well as visiting other states in the future.


4. If you could choose one type of session, out of everything you offer, do you have one you love the most?

I prefer Porn Star Experience bookings, so I would definitely choose that over others.


5. If you were to be taken to dinner, do you have a restaurant you would love to try out but havent yet?

Dinner by Heston


6. Do you have a set of lingerie that you have just worn to death because you feel great in it?

Yep. I love anything by Freya or Honey Birdette. When I find something I like. I wear it to death.

My favorite which no longer exists is in this photo.


7. How would you describe your personality?

Feisty and honest.


8. Do you plan on touring other parts of the country?

Yep. I love travelling. I have plans to go around Australia.


9. Do you have any hidden talents you would like us to know about?

Not really. I can whistle sucking inwards.


10. We know you can be quite direct with people, have you always been that way?

Yep. I’ve always been outrageously direct and honest with everyone. I have an extremely low tolerance for bullshit. I tell people exactly how it is even if it ends a friendship or hurts someone’s feelings. I believe honesty and integrity are far more important than sugar coating something that may be offensive.


How to contact Peyton Sins 

Website  –  Twitter

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