Interview with Priestess Desire – Gold Coast & Brisbane Based Pro Domme

Let us introduce you to Priestess Desire. She is a lifestyle Dominatrix who is available around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. She is the ProDomme you need to seek out to explore all your hidden desires. She is well versed in the art of Shibari ( Japanese rope bondage) as well as having many other amazing skills that you can find out about. Learn a bit more about this amazing woman below, and if your interest is piqued check out her website below.


1.We see on your twitter you list yourself  as an Australian Kinkster, Educator and Pro Dominatrix. Would you consider yourself a lifestyle Domme as well as a ProDomme? And what kind of Educator are you?

I am a lifestyle Dominatrix yes. I have a been in the Australian Kink scene for many years. I have several play partners that I have developed relationships with for my different interests and a submissive husband .

I run workshops in different areas of BDSM. One on one teaching practical skills and larger groups. I am currently developing a course for Mistress training to help people get going with safe and supported information.



2. We see on your website that you Play by using RACK, Risk, Aware, Consensual, Kink. Can you tell us what this means to you for those who might not fully understand or know what this means. 

I think this all comes down to education and consent. Fully understanding the risks of any kink (and there are Risks) before engaging in play. If I do a shibari session I will sit down and talk about the very real risks and then the person needs to choose if they will proceed being fully informed of the dangers. This is responsibly of a Top and the bottom to educate yourself first. As a Pro Domme I have turned down play requests because they are beyond my Risk limit. Its very important to understand the skill level of the Dominant as well. Educate yourself, ask questions about their experience and training.


3. Do you have a session that people actively seek you out for? What kind of session is your absolute favourite and would like to do more often?

My specialty lies in heavy medical and cbt. I think this is a difficult one to find a skilled practitioner in. Definitely my favourite. My other favourite is shibari ( Japanese rope bondage)



4. Tell us about your Domination style, how would you describe your personality in terms of being a Pro Domme?

I describe myself as a sensual sadist. You will find me smiling a lot as I see my clients knees buckle as I encase their delicate areas. I stay fairly connected throughout the session. I don’t do so well with role play type sessions.



5. How long have you been in the industry as a Pro Domme and what drew you to wanting to do this kind of thing? Is it an extension of your exploration as a Domme?

I have been working as a Pro Domme for 4 years. I think it was a natural progression on my journey in the Kink scene. Learning and developing skills.



6. When you arent working what can we find you doing in your spare time?

When I’m not working as a Pro Domme I am working as a Remedial Massage therapist , exercising and running a Wellness centre. Spare time?  What’s that?



7. If someone wants to have a session with you, what can they do to leave a lasting and good first impression that will help you to consider agreeing to see them and spend time with them. 

My biggest turn off is bad manners. Just be polite and commit to what you want. If I see someone I have to do a lot of work to prepare for it and block time out of my calendar. When people cancel last minute its one of the biggest frustrations in this industry. Also asking for a discount… I have spent thousands of dollars on classes, education and equipment. If you find someone cheap then you’re probably not getting a quality experience.



8. What is it about BDSM that you love the most? Do you have any kinks or fetishes that you are really passionate about?

I love the depth of feeling and experience that BDSM can bring to life. The honesty, acceptance and raw connection.

My kinks and fetishes change and develop over time. At the moment I’m loving electro torture



9. We see that you have a Shibari Rope session, It really is quite amazing. What is it about this that you enjoy? 

I’m very passionate about rope. I get totally lost in it.  I love the feeling of the rope as I encase someone in it. I love suspension work, it takes someone completely out of the world and present in their body. It is also a nice intro into the Kink world if your unsure about how to step in.

10. And lastly, tell us is there anything you really want people to know and understand about you?

I’m real and I love what I do. I hold my dominance with grace and refinement. You will feel it more than you hear it.




Working from Haven 33 Australia on the Border of QLD & NSW

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