Interview with Sienna Charles – Darwin Based Touring Companion

Say hello to Sienna, She has recently moved to Darwin in the Northern Territory. She plans to tour Australia on a regular basis and has intentions of touring Internationally at some point, So keep an eye out for the details.  She is a very interesting and friendly companion and we would love to introduce you to her. We sent her a couple of questions to give you an opportunity to get to know her a bit better, and who knows maybe you can arrange to enjoy her company in the near future. Come find out a bit about this gorgeous woman, Check out her website and twitter as well listed at the bottom of this post.


We know you do doubles with Alice Grey, what do you enjoy most about doing doubles with her? How long have you been doing those with her? 

I love being able to share my best friend with clients! It’s great being able to show gentlemen what fun we have together, and any excuse to spend time together is always wonderful. We’ve been doing doubles for quite some time, ever since I was based in Canberra and we had a couple of shared clients; but since I moved to Melbourne, we decided to actually make a thing out of it. Now we’re also using it as an excuse to sync up our tours! 


What kind of things do you enjoy doing in your off time? What are some of your interests and hobbies that you love to really spend quality time participating in? 

My downtime is usually absolutely filled with admin. When I’m not glued to my computer screen writing or reading, I’m glued to it because I’m playing video games! I also have a PS4 and an Xbox 360, so I have a lot of games to choose from. At the moment, I’m playing Horizon Zero Dawn and Far Cry 5. 

I also enjoy going to the gym! I used to be a competitive powerlifter (amateur league though, don’t get excited, just casual), but now I like to focus a bit more on cross training. Otherwise, I play with my two dogs (throwing balls, chasing them, walking them, taking them swimming, forcing them to give me cuddles), hang out with friends or cook. I also write and read a lot – my drafts folder for my blog posts is getting a little too large for my liking! 


If a gentleman wanted to take you on a dinner date, and gave you the choice of where you went for dinner, where would you love to go to dinner that you havent tried out? And do you have a favourite dining spot that you just love going to regularly? 

I have been told that Darwin has a lot of wonderful spots on the wharf, in the waterfront precinct, so I’d love to try out a few of the restaurants there. I didn’t have a go to in Melbourne, I guess because there was just so much to choose from! But I did enjoy Lucy Liu’s Kitchen and Rare on King St. In Canberra, my go to was probably Courgette or the Chairman and Yip for dinner, and Maple and Clove for lunch or brunch. 


Before moving to Darwin, had you spent much time up there in the past? What kind of things are you looking forward to experiencing while you are there? 

The last time I was in Darwin was about 15 years ago with my grandparents; they would caravan around the country and my parents would send my sibling and I up to meet them for our school holidays (and to get some down time away from us kids!). We were fortunate enough to see a lot of Australia that way, and explored Kakadu and Litchfield while we were here. 

I’m really looking forward to selling my car, getting a 4WD with a pop up rig on the top, throwing my dogs in the back and going camping around the region! It’s honestly beautiful up here, and I’m excited to swim (carefully) in Litchfield’s waterfalls again, and view the many spiritual Indigenous sites throughout Kakadu and the publicly accessible areas of Arnhem Land. This is probably one of the best places in Australia to learn more about our Indigenous Australian history, and a way to get closer to them to better understand the challenges they face. 


Are you a high heels or a sneakers type of woman? 

I’m actually mostly a “no shoes” type of woman! I love shoes that are pretty, and seeing them on my feet… but my clients know that as soon as I get in the door, they come straight off! I guess you could categorise me as more of a sneakers woman. I like to dress up every so often and wear my feminine pretty shoes, but for everyday wear, I’m either sneakers, thongs, or no shoes at all! 


What is your preferred work out style? Do you prefer Yoga or Gym work out? Or do you have another preferred way to work out? 

Resistance based circuits that are focused on speed as well as the high weight, low rep routines that I’m used to from powerlifting. I’m not much of a cardio person, and I recognise that it’s definitely a weakness I need to improve! I think that I’ll work on it in my spare time. I do love yoga, and I do it frequently at home, but only the relaxing varieties – Vinyasa as opposed to Bikram! I want to come out of my practice feeling stretched but relaxed, not sweaty and tired. 


How would you describe yourself and your personality? 

Passionate and down to earth. I’ve had clients tell me that they felt instantly at ease and comfortable with me, because I wasn’t uptight or unapproachable. That is sometimes hard to get across for me in my online presence, probably because I am so passionate about activism, but I really am easy to be around. I’m quick to laugh, and I love groan-worthy dad jokes! I promise I’m much more approachable offline than I seem on Twitter! 


In terms of sex work, what things are important to you in terms of clients getting in touch and going ahead with an appointment? 

It’s really important to me that clients make a good first impression with their messages. I get really excited to see a client when their first message has all of the information that I need – and an introduction! I constantly have to remind people to introduce themselves; I was taught that this is the first, most polite thing you can do when meeting a new person. If you want me to let you into my space, or you want me to come to yours, please give me your name! Many who know me understand that I have quite a strict screening procedure anyway, so regardless, you will have to tell me your name at some point. A good first impression is honestly everything to me. 


Where in the world would you love to travel to that you havent been to yet? And do you speak any other languages or do you want to learn other languages? 

I speak pretty bad Swedish, but I would really love to learn Spanish and Mandarin, just because they are both so useful and widely spoken. I’d love to travel to South America and the USA, but I haven’t been to the latter mostly because I am afraid of being turned around at the border and banned due to being a sex worker. I know I am at less risk of that than those who are face out, but I still worry considering the rise in facial recognition technology, and the fact that corporate America makes a lot of deals with their government. Who is to say that Mastercard hasn’t got me flagged as a sex worker because I’ve used a card of mine on advertising? Who is to say they haven’t passed that information on to the US government? Call me paranoid, but information security is a worrying feature in today’s world, especially with regard to international travel. 


Lastly, any final comment, is there things you would love for people to know about you. 

Any fellow workers in Darwin for touring or living here should feel absolutely free to hit me up for a coffee if they like. I am usually available for short times on tours as well to hang out – I like my downtime on tours to get out of the work mindset. 


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