Interview with Vivienne Black – Sydney Based Companion & owner of Sin By Design

Let us introduce you to Vivienne Black. She is a companion based in Sydney but tours both around Australia and Internationally. She is also the creator and owner of Sin By Design which is a “stigma-free” business consultancy and boutique digital marketing agency. Vivienne is an Intelligent companion whose company you will enjoy immensely, and very knowledgeable in helping other sex workers to grow their business and brands. Read her interview below to find out more about this amazing and gorgeous woman.


1. We know you’re based in Sydney but travel around Australia as well as internationally. What made you decide to tour outside of Australia? What do you enjoy about travelling abroad?

Ever since I can remember, I have been drawn towards exploring and experiencing the cultures, landscapes and history of our world. I decided to include international touring so that I could combine my wanderlust with my work.
I travelled the Australian cities for many years, and although I cherish the relationships and friendships with my clients, I was bored with the same backdrop each time.
In the last two years, travelling abroad for work has become harder. I feel anxious about crossing borders, but the rewards travel brings are abundant, and these rewards not only financial.


2. So we saw on your website you offer a range of experiences, do you have a favourite you love to indulge in most? Or do you like the different Sessions for different reasons?

I love experiencing, receiving and giving all of the services I am offering. However, I am more suited to longer dates and dinner dates. I enjoy myself the most when I feel a genuine connection. For me, establishing and providing a comfortable and authentic experience is much harder to achieve during shorter dates.
Some of the regulars I see have been with me from the start. That’s 10 + years of rapport, brand building, respect and loyalty to contend with, and that is the way I like it!


3. We know you began Sin By Design a while ago now, what is it that influenced your decision to start Sin By Design? Can you tell us more about what Sin By Design is for those who aren’t aware?

I started mentoring in 2015 using a framework that has now been expanded on and is the base of the Sin By Design (SBD) services and structure.

SBD and mentoring are very personal to me. I started them both because I was seeking ways to help and protect my peers, especially those younger, or more vulnerable entering the industry.

I wanted to do this because of the bad experiences I had encountered during my time working. Unfortunately, there has been more than a few, some far more life-changing and traumatising than others. I didn’t start as a private worker, and it has taken a considerable amount of dedication, effort and hardship to be where I am now.
Good mentors provide shortcuts to success; one of the short cuts that I first focused on was sharing and teaching from experience, to help avoid distress and abuse.

A few years ago, I saw a gap in our market that could be filled by one or more industry supporting business/consultancy. We mainly needed a business that encourages both personal and professional growth for sex workers and is unbias towards them as they explore new possibilities.

Although many new businesses are popping up, I still don’t see that particular gap being anywhere near filled.
The need for a business like SBD was solidified for me last year, when I wanted to take time away from the industry, but failed to be taken seriously by other employers in different work environments.

This was a shock to me as I am tertiary educated in more than one field and have been working in other industries the majority of the time I have also been a sex worker. I won awards as a sales manager long before I won prizes at AAIA.

Skills used to run a sex worker small business should be transferable across industries with ease. They are identical to other industry small business skills, and the fact that they are not considered worthy by others means stigma towards sex work is holding us back from further p[rofessional progression. Society has placed us under a glass ceiling, and we do not have the support others do to reach our goals.

I wanted to combat this stigma by helping our industry to produce meaningful and vocal sex worker brands, backed by powerful and professional business owners with similar aims that extend further than just focusing on themselves.
The more people we have with a common goal, the more likely it is we will be heard and seen to create change.

At Sin By Design, we believe in mentoring our customers over management, coaching for future choices over controlling their business and outcomes for them; and we believe in recognition of transferable skills and wish to provide more peer to peer education opportunities to facilitate this.
We believe in brand building and improving access to business education of all marginalised business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, not just those in our industry.

Sin By Design is a “stigma-free” business consultancy and boutique digital marketing agency.

We currently offer:
brand building and strategy
business strategy
marketing strategy
advertising strategy
business sales strategy
customer focus and retention strategy
financial education
online security risk assessment and preventative education
client screening education
side hustles and exit planning
digital websites (both bespoke, templated and take home design)
design and development
e-commerce advice
group workshops (back online in Feb)
mentoring, consulting and long term coaching
productivity strategy & administration automation
photoshoot direction, creation and organisation
graphic design
resources – Sin Blog

In the coming year, we are working with many sex worker side hustles, industry influencers, industry supporting creatives and businesses to bring a range of services and packages to our customers in one accessible location at affordable prices.

In 2020 we will be rolling out fantastic new services and expanding our repertoire, thanks to the partnerships we have nurtured with businesses both inside and outside of our industry.

Just announced:
SEO/SEM – courtesy of our new marketing affiliate David.
Online skillshare courses for small business, through Perversity and hosted by me.
Stripper and Show Girl Mentoring, thanks to superstar, Arriana Starr.
Digital Marketing Management services
Social Media Management services

Stay tuned because there is much more. I have added a link for sign up to our infrequent e-newsletter.



4. We know you have had a range of experiences in the Adult Industry. What made you decide this is the work you wanted to do? And what has been your motivation to continue in the industry?

I genuinely enjoy being a sex worker. Even with all the ups and downs, the added stresses and pressures, it is a job I choose for many reasons.

I am an extrovert who thrives in booking environments, getting to know people and work closely with them is an aspect of my job that I thoroughly enjoy. They don’t get much closer than thrusting inside you daily.
With that said, I am restless… I don’t think being a sex worker challenges me in the areas I wish to experience growth.
I will be retiring and taking leave from taking new bookings in January 2020 for at least a year. I will still be available for doubles with Brianna Price in Sydney and to my existing clients only. At this stage, I am unsure if I will be returning to work full time as I want to focus all my energy to grow SBD.



5. For someone who hasn’t met you. You appear to be a very glamorous woman. How would you describe your personality to those who haven’t met you? How would you describe your style overall?

I say looks can be deceiving and I am glad my branding and marketing is working wonders… 🙂
In my personal life, I am an awkward nerd with a rock collection, two Bengal cats who destroy expensive furniture (Leo and Kit) and an unhealthy obsession with Cadburys Turkish delight family block chocolate.

My style is casual and effortless, I own a lot of high-end brand and fashionable items of clothing, but am at my most comfortable wearing jeans and a top, no makeup and a messy updo.

I do have a weakness, though – shoes! I love shoes so, so much; I don’t own anywhere near the amount I want to thank god, as I have no room for them.



6. Do you plan to continue being an escort in the years to come or do you plan to start focusing more on other ventures such as Sin By Design?

Answered above



7. When you aren’t working, what can we find you getting up to? What are some of your interests and passions?

I do have many interests and hobbies and am making a conscious effort to make time for them now I am back in Sydney.

My first love is nature, and absorbing myself in it utterly, it grounds my soul and calms my mind.

Theatre is a massive passion of mine, and writing plays as well. Not too many people know that about me, and although I haven’t indulged for a while, I will be allocating more personal time to write.

As well as making sure I am taking time to enjoy creative performance and events in Sydney next year. Sydney festival is not far away and usually has some fantastic talent to see.

I am always learning something, whether by books, podcasts, seminars or documentaries. My favourite topics are history, law, social studies, business and technology.

I recently started brushing up on my video skills from high school and will be adding photography to my skillset next year.

Meditation is vital for me every day, as is my after-dinner cigarette, a lousy habit I can seemly kick, except for that one daily indulgence is a must-have.



8. We have seen on your blog how you have experienced a range of ups and downs in this industry. Had some negative experiences and many positive ones. How do you feel those have impacted you? How did you get through those negative experiences? And do you think your in a more positive place now?

If we never faced obstacles and challenges, we would fail to adapt, change and grow.

Don’t get me wrong; I won’t harp on about fate, love and manifestations. I also won’t say I am grateful for being forced to learn from bad experiences, because I’m not, it sucked.

However, I do know because of these hard times; I am where I need to be at this moment. I see that because still here, a little mangled and hastily glued together in some parts, but I made it to the checkpoint for a breather!

Some challenges are unbearable at the moment you live through them. Passing the time helps seal wounds, I don’t think you ever truly heal, no matter how many seconds, minutes hours, months or years pass by.

I am mostly always in a positive mind frame, although last year rattled me. I had never encountered anything like trolling and “cyberstalking” before and honestly, I never want to again.

Having a support network is crucial in getting through tough times, I got through my negative experiences with my family, friend, peers and clients cheering me on to support me. They might not have all come to the table before I blogged about my experience, but they sure as hell were after that.

If you don’t have a support network, please feel free to reach out to me. I know I am not suited to help everyone; that’s ok; we all have our differences. However, I can help find someone who is suited to support you if you are unsure who to turn to for help.



9. Living in Sydney, there are some fantastic things to experience, great food and excellent beaches. If someone was coming to town for a few days, what would be the things you say are a must-see?

Stay: The Park Hyatt
Eat: Enjoy Breakfast in Bed
Shop: Stroll Down Oxford St, Paddington
Experience: Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk
Lunch: Scenic Plane and Picnic, Departing from Rose Bay
Experience: North Sydney Pool, Luna Park
or Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool, The Domain
Eat: Dinner at Sake, The Rocks
Eat: Dinner at Cafe Sydney
Experience: Chicago, Capitol Theatre
Cocktails: Eau-de-Vie
Cocktails: Palmer & Co
Cocktails: The Roosevelt
Company: Vivienne Black VIP



10. Lastly, is there anything you would love to share with everyone to get to know you a little better?

I am keen to collaborate and explore new ideas and possibilities; if you have a business idea or project you want help with, please let me know xx



Sin By Design Website & Vivienne Blacks Website – Click on the links below

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