Welcome to Sex Work Australia Promotions.

We have been setup to support the Australian Adult Industry,  To promote Adult Products, Websites, Sex Workers, & Organisations that Support Sex Workers

We will have a blog running with various posts about great adult websites and online stores, Can write about various sex workers and recommended sex work venues

We will talk about the great work sex work organisations around Australia and the fantastic support they provide and the services they provide to Australian Sex Workers,

So ultimately we are here to support you, promote you, If you are a sex worker, have an adult online store, provide services or products that are sex work friendly we would love to hear from you and happy to do a write up to promote your business for sex workers in Australia.

You are welcome to contact us if you wish to write a guest blog on our site promoting your brand, talking about your experiences, or even just letting the world know you are here. We encourage guest blogs from anyone in the Adult Industry who is based in Australia and feel free to include your website within the blog if you wish.