The Challenges of Verifying Providers and Avoiding Catfish – Sponsored Post

Ask any client or potential client who might be on a search for the perfect companion experience, what their number one fear is when it comes to the process of viewing profiles and reading websites, and the answer you’ll hear again and again is “I don’t want to get ripped off.”

Clients report internationally that their primary concern when meeting someone new is that whoever turns up won’t be the person in the photos and that the client will find themselves in a situation where they feel deceived or tricked. And it’s pretty hard to fault them for it. Escort websites have taken advantage of the situation for years, offering their own verifications of different stripes, sometimes requiring only that an advertiser confirms their email to be considered “verified.”

Because of this behavior, and the inherently flawed and wrongheaded perception that providers are trying to scam unsuspecting clients, there is precious little trust and sites or their processes for verifying their advertisers, with many clients preferring to defer to review boards or other sites where providers themselves have little control about how they’ represented or discussed.

Of the more problematic types of verification that some sites continue to offer, whole-account verification is the most troubling. What this means, in a nutshell, is that a user (one assumes the escort themself) held up a sign at some point, with a username and date written on it, and shared it with the site admin. The site admin then stamps the account as “verified” and a user is free to remove or add any images or text they want, regardless of whether or not the newly added images are photos of them, or are ‘borrowed’ from other providers (or lifted from Google or Tumblr or Pinterest).

Slixa​ saw the inherent flaw in this type of verification and developed, along with their other thoughtfully crafted site features, an independent photo verification that ensures the photos uploaded to a Slixa profile are, indeed, images of the advertiser themselves. Rather than verifying an entire account once, and never revisiting it, site admins compare newly uploaded images with those previously marked as verified each and every time a new photo is added.

That’s why you’ll see, next to Slixa’s blue verification badge on a user’s profile, a date when the images were last checked for authenticity. While this serves as reassurance for potential clients who may view a profile, it is also a reminder that Slixadoes not tolerate stolen content (whether ad copy or purloined images), in any format. Users misrepresenting themselves or caught copy/pasting the information of others risk suspension and permanent banning from the site.

The result is a safe place for a community of advertisers known for their authenticity, and a community of site viewers who come to specifically because of this reputation. International cities like Sydney, Melbourne, New York, and LA face higher rates of fake ads and profiles on less reputable sites, because there is simply a higher volume of advertisers, overall. But the same care is taken with Slixa Sydney​ and ​Slixa Melbournethat we take with each of our global locales.

If you find yourself a match who’s verified on, you can rest assured that they won’t be one of the catfish or fakes from other sites, but likely one of the more exclusive and reliable companions you’ll find anywhere in the world.


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