The dos & donts

So, you want to organise to see an escort. You found the one you like the look of right? So the next thing is to make it happen right? So there are a few things to think about before proceeding.

– Its great if you love the escorts photos. But the next thing to do is check their advertising or website to see that they offer the services your wanting and to check they are in your price range as in general most escorts dont negotiate their prices.

– Check to see what their preferred contact method is. Some prefer an email first, others prefer a text or phone call. Also check to see what information they prefer you to include when making an enquiry. This is to make the process more simple.

– If they have work hours listed, its a good idea to respect those, so if they say they are available betwen 11am and 8pm its probably not a good idea to call or message at 3am in the morning as they will probably not answer your calls.

– If there is a service you really want to try but they dont have it listed, its ok to ask if they provide it, but remember if they say no, dont push, just respect their choice to say no.

– When you have arranged a time to see them, if they ask for a deposit, make it promptly. If they ask for one, dont argue its part of their process. I guarantee they arent going to run off with your deposit.

– Once a time and place for your appointment has been confirmed, remember to be on time, dont turn up early and if your going to be late let them know. If you find you have to cancel for any reason give as much notice as possible. If you cant make it dont just not turn up, text or call them to let them know.

– And ultimately the important thing is to read their ads and websites before getting in contact. This ensures they are the right person for you, can offer what you want at the price you can afford and that they are available when your looking to see them.

2 thoughts on “The dos & donts

  1. Thank you, a very well written article.
    I am an erotic Kinkassage bodyworker. It amuses me how many male clients ring and say “I have just saw your website, what services do you offer and how much?” My next question is “did you look at my Kinkassage offerings and prices before you called me?” Their answer is “no I haven’t!”
    I am very strict with my clients, arriving on time for their appointments, my day runs smoothly and my clients do not have to be concerned, that they may run into a friend, relative or work colleague, as they arrive or leave my erotic massage studio. My clients rights to privacy is very important to me, arriving early for your erotic massage is not okay!
    Haggling prices is not okay. If a client arrives at my studio, and says they want to negotiate my prices, then I stand firm on my pricing, bartering is not okay! You will be asked to leave if you start haggling.
    So guys, fully read our website. Be informed before you phone or text, do arrive on time and do not barter our fixed pricing.
    Many people, working in the sex industry, see themselves as professional and legitimate small business owners. We want to be treated with respect, we all offer our own unique services and we really enjoy what we do.
    Namaste, Aleena

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