Thriving Sex Industry in New South Wales

Thriving Sex Industry in New South Wales 

More than two decades have passed since prostitution was decriminalized in New South Wales but the parliament is always looking for ways to improve the law and cut the risks to the sex workers. When we say sex workers, we refer to those who engage in erotic dancing, erotic modeling, escorting, erotic massage, phone sex or online sex, webcam sex and nudity and prostitution. 

 survey in 2012 reveals that New South Wales is one of the best around the world in regulating the sex industry and protecting the sex workers, and it all points out to the decision to decriminalize the occupation. 


Legalizing Prostitution  

 The research only affirmed what the NSW already knew, clamping down on prostitution won’t stop the trade but rather force women into working underground. That will only expose them to a lot of risks like sexually transmitted diseases, sexual violence and even threats to their lives.  

 Without the safety nets that come with the decriminalization, the women victims are not likely to report to the police if they were beaten or raped out of fear that they will be imprisoned for doing something illegal in the first place.   

 Legalization also protects the minors from engaging in prostitution as the legal limit remains to be 18. Those who engage in sexual services, meanwhile, need to be more than 16 years old.  

 The 2012 NSW Sex Industry Report also dismissed the fears that opening up the industry will make men as sex maniacs. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the research found that the number of men who availed of sex services today is the same more than 20 years ago when prostitution was still illegal. 

On average, there are more than 100 brothels within the vicinity of the central business district in Sydney. Within that 20-kilometer radius, there are at least 4,000 sex workers who work there.  

 New South Wales allows street prostitution but the areas where you can’t solicit are quite specific like in schools, hospitals, churches, car or residential areas.  You will be liable under the Summary Offences Act. 

 Only Visit Licensed Brothels 

 The Prostitution Act established the mechanisms for the licensing and operation of brothels in New South Wales. You can’t operate a brothel without first securing a brothel license or any other documents related to the operation of a business, just like any mainstream companies in Australia. The overseer of the brothel should also possess a manager’s certificate, which is renewable every three years.  

 If the brothel is serving alcohol, which is very common, the owner should also secure the authority to do so under the Liquor Act of 1992.  Under the law, only one brothel is allowed for one person. 

 What makes New South Wales sex industry thrive is the strict regulations in place to ensure the protection of the sex workers. The brothels are regularly inspected and the women interviewed to make sure their rights, not just as commercial sex workers, but also as individuals not being abused by the establishment where they work.  

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3 thoughts on “Thriving Sex Industry in New South Wales

  1. What a great piece of writing ! I’d love to see ones in a similar style, going through the choices of the qld and vic govt’s around that same era, and the ramifications its had on their workers and the conditions theyre working in.
    And then a piece on South Australia’s industry which is illegal and policed in a very heavy handed and often malicious way by the Vice Squad there. There have been two major periods of police blitzes there, almost 20 years apart and the second one beginning just over 2 years ago.
    I was both cursed and blessed to be there to bear witness to both and SIN has done some work cataloguing the lived experience of women for whom the harassment is a constant threat and considerably reduces their quality of life.
    I absolutely cannot work in legal brothels even 20 years later, because of the anxiety it produces.

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