Why did we create this site – Sex Work OZ Promotions?

We created this website to begin with as a little project, our little way of supporting the Australian Sex Industry. We wanted to create a free space to have information on various aspects of the Industry from listing a variety of different providers, giving space to all providers in the industry instead of just focusing on one small part of the Industry.

We wanted to show case providers as well as a variety of different platforms that sex workers of all backgrounds advertise on, Sex Worker support organisations and to also put in one place a variety of places where sex workers as well as our clients can purchase safer sex products, toys, accessories, costumes, lingerie, shoes and every thing in between.

Basically at the end of the day we just wanted to offer a free platform to give to providers to be able to advertise and help to promote them on social media and do our little part to support our industry and to be able to give clients a place to find out where they can go to find the kind of provider they want to spend time with.

Hopefully over time we can improve our SEO, and do our part to show our support to this amazing industry and those who are apart of it.

We want to extend to all those who are listed on our site to participate in Interview Blogs, Do guest blogs promoting themselves and their brand, write on topics important to the industry and continue to list providers of all kinds for free. We will promote you on Social Media and we will continue to provide support to all sex workers. And we hope to continue to grow and develop as time goes on.

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